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Colorful Basket (large) - Ghana


Price: $98.00

Title: Basket

Material: Grass

Country: Ghana

Description: This basket is a unique artisanal craft
from Ghana! Made from delicate grasses, this basket
can hold lightweight objects or simply be used as a
decorative table or shelf piece. A basket like this is sure
to add a POP! of color to any space!

Due to the hand-made quality, no two baskets are alike
and the shape is not perfectly round. The distorted shape
of this basket can be straightened out with just a little
touch of water! Once damp, the grass absorbs the water,
allowing it to be malleable and you can work it into the
desired shape. Be careful not to add too much water!

Dimensions: 12 1/2" height x 13" diameter with an approx. 5" top-opening

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