African Arts Magazine - November 1978

African Arts Magazine - November 1978

For lovers of Kuba cloth!
Kuba Embroidered Cloth (pp. 24-39+106-107) Monni Adams
Crafts and the Concept of Art in Africa (pp. 22-23+106) Claire Polakoff
Peter Nzuki: Calabash Carver of Kenya (pp. 40-41+108) Stafford Kay
Botswana Basketry (pp. 42-47) Michael Lee Yoffe
Bandi Silver Jewelry (pp. 48-51+108) Patricia O'Connell
Yoruba Photography: How the Yoruba See Themselves (pp. 52-59+107) Stephen F. Sprague
Urhobo Mats in Praise of Daughters (pp. 60-62+108) Susan Moore Foss
Senufo Ornament and Decorative Arts (pp. 63-71+107-108) Anita Glaze
Ekpe Costume of the Cross River (pp. 72-75+108) Ikwo A. Ekpo
Suku Drinking Cups (pp. 76-77+108) Arthur P. Bourgeois

+ book and exhibition reviews etc....

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