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Pair of Beaded Zulu Anklets - Zulu People, South Africa

Price: $295.00

Title: Zulu beaded anklets

Material: Glass beads and fiber

People: Zulu

Country: KwaZulu - Natal, South Africa

Description: Zulu anklets are delicately hand-woven with
fiber and colorful beads. Traditionally worn around the
ankle, these anklets were a part of everyday Zulu culture.
Not only are Zulu beaded adornments beautiful, they play an
important role in many traditional rituals, customs and
ceremonies. The beadwork is a form of courtship
communication between men and women. The beaded
adornments reveal age, marital status, sexual intentions,
region or clan the wearer is from, societal position, etc. The
colors are encoded with symbolism and can have positive or
negative meanings.


GREEN: Contentment, domestic bliss / illness, discord
BLUE: Faithfulness, request / ill-feeling, hostility
RED: Physical love, strong emotion / anger, heartache, impatience
BLACK: Marriage / death, sorrow
YELLOW: Wealth, garden, fertility / badness, thirst, withering away
PINK: Promise, high status / poverty, laziness
WHITE: Spiritual love, purity, virginity / none

Dimensions: 11" height x 3 1/2" width

Sold as a pair. Not sold separately.

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