Woven Cuff (89BW) - SOLD
Woven Cuff (89BW) - SOLD
Woven Cuff (89BW) - SOLD 1
Woven Cuff (89BW) - SOLD 2

Woven Cuff (89BW) - SOLD

Title: Woven Cuff (89BW)

Material: Oxidized and sterling silver-plated brass wire

Description: Entirely woven by hand, brass wire jewelry is executed on
an individual basis. Using a simple crochet hook, the jewelry is created
following mathematical calculations to achieve the shape of each design,
work that cannot be duplicated by machine. This oxidized brass wire cuff
has been trimmed with sterling silver fringes.

Dimensions: 4" height x 3 1/2" width; 8" inner circumference; 2 1/2" opening
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