"Lovers" by Fombe - Sold

Title: "Lovers"

Material: Serpentine

People: Shona

Country: Zimbabwe

Description: "House of Stone" is the literal translation for
Zimbabwe, home to some of the world's most praised stone
sculptors, the Shona. The inspiration for these majestic stone
sculptures often comes from tribal myth and legend, & spiritual
communion with the stone itself. This extraordinary art form
has emerged within the last 50 years. Shona sculpture has
earned such an outstanding reputation that some of the artists
are now recognized as the world's best. They also represent a
modern link with an ancient past. Creative & artistic genius has
found expression in these stone carvings from Zimbabwe. Each
carver is guided by the resources of his own imagination, using
only basic hand tools & no formal art training. The stone
sculptures are carved from a variety of local rocks such as
Serpentine, Springstone, African jade, and a host of other stones.

Dimensions: 24" height x 12" width x 8" depth
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