"Homage To Humanity" by Jimmy Nelson - Sold

From the author of "Before They Pass Away".
EXPERIENCE THE JOURNEY In HOMAGE TO HUMANITY, photographer Jimmy Nelson takes you on a new and
extraordinary journey, visiting indigenous communities dotted across five continents.
Join Jimmy on an odyssey that takes you to some of the planet’s
most remote and beautiful places, home to many vibrant, thriving but sometimes fragile cultures.
The adventure is enhanced even further through a state-of-the-art platform allowing you
to experience immersive 360-degree films, behind-the-scenes footage, first-hand storytelling, and much more.
• A pair of virtual reality glasses and free companion mobile app.
• Hidden, digital layers, which are easily accessed through a mobile phone,
to bring new insights and new perspectives on the lives of the people featured.
• 528-page book that is a remarkable record of Jimmy Nelson’s journey, accompanied by
travel journals, maps, local facts, and personal interviews with the people he’s photographed.
Get the free companion app at www.jimmynelson.com/app
Available for iOS and Android
Click this link to view the preview video


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