Dan Spoon 3 - SOLD
Dan Spoon 3 - SOLD
Dan Spoon 3 - SOLD 1
Dan Spoon 3 - SOLD 2

Dan Spoon 3 - SOLD

sold for $995, originally priced at $1200
19"The Dan carve superb large laddles called Wakemia or Wunk- irmian that are owned by a Wunkirle woman who distinguished herself through her hospitality. She must be efficient and responsible in feeding the entire extended family, travelers, musicians during celebrations.She needs the help of a spirit which incarnates her large spoon to recieve all guests during these times.The spoon holds the power to make one rich and famous and confers an authority over the other women. The handle exudes physical beauty, the bowl a female belly. The women are honored to dance with their spoon at special feasts. ex Karel Nel collection
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