Contemporary Beaded Maasai Mirror (Various Sizes Available) - ( Temporarily sold out)

Contemporary Beaded Maasai Mirror (Various Sizes Available) - ( Temporarily sold out)

Description: This colorful mirror has been hand-crafted by a Maasai artisan. The bright, multi-colored beadwork stands out against any backdrop and lightens up any space.
The beaded frame is designed with a smooth leather-backing and zipper, allowing one to easily remove the mirror from within and use the frame as a picture holder. For a third-use, the mirror makes for a great table centerpiece. It is available in 3 different sizes - small, medium and large.
Most of the colors used in Maasai beadwork relate directly to their pastoral lifestyle. The color green represents the grass, which is believed to be a sacred element because it nourishes the Maasai’s cattle. Red and white are considered life-sustaining colors representing the blood and milk of cattle, which they could not survive without. Other colors, such as orange and black, represent hospitality and hardship, respectively. By including these colors in their beadwork, the Maasai are able to visually reference their beliefs and important aspects of their lives.

Dimensions and individual prices:
12 1/2" outer diameter; 5 1/4" mirror diameter

15" outer diameter; 8" mirror diameter

18" outer diameter; 11" mirror diameter

When checking out, please specify which size
mirror you would like in the provided "message box."

Due to the hand-made quality of each mirror, not all two are alike.
The colors and beadwork will vary from the one depicted here.
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