Ashanti Stool - Ghana - Sold
Ashanti Stool - Ghana - Sold
Ashanti Stool - Ghana - Sold 1
Ashanti Stool - Ghana - Sold 2

Ashanti Stool - Ghana - Sold

Title: Ashanti Stool

Material: Wood

People: Ashanti

Country: Ghana

Description: The traditional sculpted wood stools of the Ashanti people
are still widely used in most households. The role it plays is deeply
rooted in the religion, history, myth, customs, rituals & royal ceremonies.
Many civilizations & ancient societies worship the dead and communicate
with their spirits in numerous ways, but none of them communicate with
their ancestors through the medium of a stool. This practice is unique to
the Ashanti. For the Ashanti the stool is the central object in their spiritual
lives. Ancestral stool temples and shrines are the customary places of
communal worship. These stools are sacred objects. When an Ashanti
carver is commissioned by a chief, priest, or other high-ranking member
of society to carve a stool, it is an exceptional honor. The symbols in the
carving convey messages, and the stool will eventually house the spirit of
the owner. The curvature of the seat is known as the mother's embrace.
The type of stool matches the status of the patron.

Dimensions: 16" height x 21" width x 11" depth
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