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Yoruba Divination Board, Nigeria

Price: $595.00

Dimensions: 10.5" high by 15" wide by 0.75" deep
Includes custom-made stand measuring 12.25" wide by 4" deep.
Title: Ifa Divination Tray (Opon Ifa)
Material: Carved Wood
People: Yoruba
Country: Nigeria
The ritual of divination, called Ifa, forms the basis for the Yoruba religion. Performed by highly trained priests, called babalowo, "fathers of the secret". Using 16 palm nuts, Ifa priests "cast Ifa" to determine which oral literature verses (odu Ifa) to recite in response to questions or problems. The wooden tray is bordered by relief carvings and features the face of Eshu, the messenger of the Gods. The 8 marks of an Odu If a are then made in the iyerosun wood dust sprinkled on the tray, and the pertinent verses associated with the Odu are chanted. There are 256 possible combinations (16 X 16). He will cast Ifa again to determine what sacrifices must be made, and to whom, so that life can be continually happy.
The God Orunmila, who was present at the creation of the world by Olodumare, is consulted for his wisdom. Thus Orunmila knows the secret of creation, and how to cope with the powers of good & evil. When he left the earth, he left behind the sacred palm nuts, so that the future generations might communicate with him.


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