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Contemporary Tuareg Sterling Silver & Ebony Earrings - Tuareg People, Niger (#85) Similar ones available, Please Inquire

Price: $95.00

Title: Contemporary Tuareg Earrings

Material: Sterling Silver & Ebony

People: Tuareg

Country: Niger

Description: The Tuareg nomads of the south Sahara
are renowned for their exquisite silver and leather
work. Tuareg artisans have preserved the symbolism
and cosmology of the past through their jewelry and
other artifacts. The geometric patters and designs
have a modern and universal appeal that transcend
the sands of time. These contemporary earrings are
delicately hand-made by a Tuareg artisan.

Dimensions: 2 1/2" height x 1/4" diameter
Weight: 0.5 oz/pair.

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