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Miniature Mask - Lega People - D.R. Congo (LS65)

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The best known tradition of using miniature masks were by the Dan people of Liberia & the Ivory Coast. These small masks are sometimes called "Passport" masks due to their use as identification. They are often sewn onto a piece of cloth & carried on the person in a pouch. They are miniature copies of family masks and enable the carrier to retain contact with the spirit embodied in the parent mask.The masks are used to invoke benevolent spirits during secret society meetings. They also demand offerings from initiates during initiation ceremonies such as libations. In addition to warding off evil, the minature masks also serve as witnesses during initiation ceremonies.
Ex James Schmidt Collection

5.75"H x 2.75"W x 1.25"D

NOTE: When displayed on the included stand, this mask reaches a height of 10"

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