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"Wind Spirit" by Shephard Madzikatire - SOLD

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Title: 'Wind Spirit'

Material: Butter Jade

Artist: Shephard Madzikatire

Country: Zimbabwe

Dimensions: 5 1/2" height x 4 1/2" width x 3" depth

Description: Born in 1970, Shephard Madzikatire's first introduction
to art came during his secondary education at St. Faith's Mission
School in the Rusape district in Zimbabwe. Madzikatire was also
fortunate to have as his cousin, the late Moses Masaya (1947-1996),
one of Zimbabwe's finest 'Shona Sculptors' who contributed much
to the international reputation that 'Shona Sculpture' now enjoys.
On leaving school in 1988, Madzikatire went to stay with Masaya
and received his introduction to stone carving. Since then his career
has developed in a manner fairly typical for young sculptors in
Zimbabwe. (i.e. Working with and learning from an established artist.)

Typically, Madzikatire's first sculptures were stylistically very derivative
of his mentor , Moses Masaya. As a young artist at that time, he was
learning the techniques of carving stone. This involved becoming
familiar with the tools and the qualities of the serpentine and
springstone - the preferred medium of Zimbabwean sculptors. Most
would-be sculpors do not develop beyond this stage even if they
become technically accomplished. Only a few show real evidence of the
genuine creativity which distinguishes the artist from the craftsperson.
In recent years, Madzikatire has shown increasing evidence that he has
the creative vision of an artist.

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