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'Tcherot' Pectoral Pendant - Tuareg people, Niger - Sold

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Title: Tcherot (Tereout Tan Idmarden)

Material: Tribal silver

People: Tuareg

Country: Niger/Algeria

Description: This Tcherot, or amulet, is considered one of the
most important jewelry items worn by brides in the Ahaggar
region of Algeria. It is made up of several attached triangular
cases, whose interiors traditionally contain a piece of paper with
written verses of the Koran, an old magic formula known and
prepared by the Marabout, or even sand from the Desert. This
Tcherot is decorated with triangular-bobbles on its bottom
section and is crowned with a protective 'Khomessa' amulet at
the top. The more aesthetic the Tcherot or amulet would be, the
greater its power to ward off evil and to bring good luck and
good fortune to its wearer.

It is strung on a 23" leather cord.

Dimensions: 10" height x 8 1/2" width x 1/4" - 1/2" depth

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