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Songye Figure, D.R. Congo (#PC17)

Price: $3,600.00

Title: Figure
Material: Wood
People: Songye
Country: D.R. Congo
Description: The Songye live in an area north of the Katanga Luba, and north-west of the Kasai Luba. Fetishes like this sculpture have a good influence on fertility and are regarded as protection against hostile powers, sorcerers, and evil spirits. Some guard a whole village while others are personal charms. Magical ingredients are contained in the horn fixed on top of the head. Metal nails, skins, and fish-scales all help to increase its power.

Provenance: Ex-Private Collection. Collected about 50 years ago by a Belgian living in the D.R. Congo.

Dimensions: 37.5" high by 11.5" wide by 9.5" deep
Custom-made stand included.


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