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Pende Divination, D.R Congo (BD2)

Price: $375.00

TITLE:Divination Instrument - ‘Galukoji’
MATERIAL: Wood, feathers, and fiber
COUNTRY: D. R. Congo
DESCRIPTION: Diviners used instruments (resembling an ‘accordian’) between the 1920’s - 1950’s. During consultation, the diviner would lay the instrument on his knees with the head facing up. He held it by placing his finger at some point in the crossbars while names of individuals suspect- ed of crimes were recited. In response to the mention of the culprit's name, the galukoji sprang upward, approach- ing the diviner's head. The oracle's protruding forehead evoked the possession of dangerous knowledge - such as the diviner's awareness of an individual's crime - and also accentuated the dynamism of the action that propels it forward which exposed and brought wrongdoing to light.
9.5"h x 3"w x 5.5"d (extends 12"w)

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