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Luba Divination Bowl, D.R. Congo, #0344

Price: $395.00

Height: 9.75"
Diameter: 6"

Title: Divination Bowl
Material: Carved Wood
People: Luba
Country: D.R. Congo

Luba art is laden with the female figure and form. When a Luba King passes, his spirit is transferred to a female elder within the community who is a diviner or spiritual medium. This woman is called, in the Luba language, "Mwadi." A King's Mwadi is female because it is said that, "only a Woman's body is strong enough to hold a King's spirit."

Receptacales such as this Diviner's Bowl would hold spiritual elements like white chalk (associated with renewal, purity, and spirituality) as well as other divining tools such as beads, horns, medicinal herbs or materials, or even a client's spiritual possessions.

Luba female figures are carved by an artist/diviner to gesture to their breasts because, as the Luba proverbial saying goes, "A Kingdom's secrets are nurtured and guarded in the bosom of Women."


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